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DTZ/ B1 exam

The DTZ (Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer, or German Test for Immigrants) is the final examination taken after the completion of integration courses. The DTZ or B1 examination is required for immigrants who are applying for naturalization.

Participants who want to take the B1 examination only (not the DTZ) should contact the iOR exam center directly.

What to expect during a DTZ examination

In the scaled DTZ language examination students can prove their language skills at level A2 or B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

After successfully passing the B1-level exam and the orientation course exam you are entitled to an “Integration course certificate”.

The DTZ exam consists of a written test and an oral test. The written test includes both listening and comprehension tasks. Candidates also have to write a short letter.

The oral test takes approximately 16 minutes.

During this time candidates briefly introduce themselves and speak to other participants about given topics.

The iOR Language Institute is a licensed exam center, meaning that our students can take the DTZ exam in either of our branches, in Freiburg or Lörrach.

Level A2 / B1

In order to achieve level A2 or B1, students have to pass the oral test as well as one of the following: the comprehension and reading test, or the writing section.

To receive an official telc certiciate, students must reach at least level A2.

How to prepare for the DTZ exam

Exam preparation is an important part of the integration course. During the integration course you will learn about each part of the exam and practice the tasks with other students. Please contact our administration office if you would like to book additional DTZ preparation.

Sample tests and online test

A sample DTZ exam can be downloaded as a PDF in order to practice and receive an overall overview of the exam. The sample test gives examples of tasks and detailed guidance on the evaluation process. The audio for the listening part can be downloaded as an MP3.