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German courses for nurses and carers

The iOR Language Institute is now offering a modular course in German for nurses and carers.

The modular structure of the course reinforces and builds on existing oral and written German skills, as well as teaching specialized language skills and explaining their use in professional life.

The German course for nurses and carers is aimed at those who work or hope to find work in nursing and care, and would like to expand their knowledge of German to include the relevant specialized vocabulary.

Prerequisite: Minimum of level A2 German

The course includes:

  • 8 weeks with 160 teaching units of 45 minutes each
  • 20 teaching units per week
  • Classes from Monday to Friday
  • Max. 18 participants (minimum 8)
  • Exam preparation
  • TELC exam “Deutsch für Pflegekräfte” (German for nurses and carers)


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In Lörrach:   08.06.15, 21.09.15

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