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International Locations

Life at our school involves much more than just learning and teaching!

The only way that we can build bridges between cultures is by speaking to each other, getting to know each other better and organizing activities together.

Pupils, students from all over the world, migrants, teachers and iOR employees take part in activities, celebrations, trips and events that make daily life in our school richer and more interesting.

On the 20th February 2015 we launched a new series of events:

International Locations: “At home around the world”

What does that mean?

At the iOR Language Institute, people from over 120 countries learn German together every day.

Learners of different nationalities introduce their countries in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a Powerpoint presentation, music and cuisine from their country.

Which countries will be included?

  • On the 22nd February our colleague Kultay Karimzhanova, who came here from Kazakhstan on a scholarship, gave a presentation about her country  

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It is our learners themselves who decide which countries will be presented, according to their ideas and wishes.

We are looking forward to 27.03.2015, the Kurdish festival of Nawroz!

Coming soon at the iOR Language Institute: Italy, Russia, Turkey, Spain…

Who can take part in these events?

  • Our learners and teachers, but also our friends and outside guests are welcome. You can sign up via email or Facebook.