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Learn German in Freiburg or Lörrach

Do you want to learn German in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany? Then you’re in the right place!

Most of our participants come upon recommendation from previous students. We have the right know-how and proven methods to help our students develop their language skills in the fastest and most efficient way.

Our students appreciate:

  • the modern, communication-oriented, pragmatic and very effective methods provided in our courses.
  • the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a private school.
  • our qualified and dedicated teachers.
  • the diverse international groups.
  • our extensive range of extra-curricular leisure and cultural activities.
  • the central location of both offices in Freiburg and in Lörrach, in the heart of what is arguably the most beautiful region in Germany.

Whether you are looking for a course in Freiburg or in Lörrach, for school pupils in the holidays, for university students who wish to enroll at a German university requiring a language certification (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) or employees looking to improve their Business German, iOR will meet all your needs.

Our services start at the most basic beginners' levels and there is no limit to the services we provide. We tailor the learning structure and the teaching material (CD, software, books or learning games) for our students depending on their age, interests and learning goals.  The learning tools we provide can be adjusted to individual preferences and strengths, regardless of whether you need to speak a language for university studies, holidays, everyday life or your career.

Our personal teaching methods and the lively, motivating environment will make your time at the iOR Language Institute unforgettable.

iOR Language Institute in Freiburg
iOR Language Institute in Lörrach