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VIP courses, family courses, courses for children

Language courses tailor-made for you!

Our VIP course or family course offers you and your children or other family members a language course that is completely tailored to your individual needs, during a stay in Germany or another country.

Popular offers:

  • Family courses in Freiburg or Lörrach
  • German courses with an experienced teacher while traveling through Germany, Switzerland or Austria
  • English courses with a highly qualified teacher on the south coast of England or in beautiful Ireland
  • Tête-à-tête French courses courses during a journey through the Loire Valley in France

You decide:

  • The duration of the stay
  • The country or countries you visit
  • Whether you travel during the course or stay in one place
  • The intensity and duration of the lessons
  • The activities and excursions
  • The accommodation

Do you have a specific agenda for a stay in Germany or any other country in the world? Would you like more information about our VIP courses? Then please contact our knowledgeable staff at: